Medical Record Review 

Done by an RN Expert, 

Saving You TIME and MONEY


Service Overview

RN Analysis specializes in providing cost effective, prompt Merit Reviews to attorneys nationwide who handle medical malpractice and injury law.

Record Review

I interpret medical records relevant to the legal case or claim. I will provide you with the full picture of your client's medical history and ramifications of any injuries found. This can include medical research to back up a claim.

Resource Preparation

Whether it is a complete chronology of a patient’s medical history or a detailed graphic exhibit of his or her medical condition, I have the expertise to prepare various resources that are vital to pursuing your case.

Case Support

For your convenience, I can draft questions for your team to use during medical depositions. If the need arises, I can attend a trial with my attorney.


This service involves facilitating communication and coordination between attorneys and physician experts. Additionally, I attend Independent Medical Exams to ensure the accuracy and impartiality of the findings.

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